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Christian formation is a longstanding tradition of Grace and an integral part of who we are as a parish. The Sunday morning or Sunday School classes are listed below. Sunday School is held around 10:10 am following the 9:00 am worship service and preceding the 11:15 am service.

Our Children’s education program follows the renowned Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) for children ages 3-12. CGS is based on the affirmation that God and child are in relationship. Children have deep needs to experience God and a special capacity to enjoy the presence of God. The task of the teachers within CGS is to help the child live fully the encounter of God. Teachers do this through intense training, preparing an environment that is in keeping with Montessori methods for teaching, and helping the child to understand the holiness of sacred spaces. The lessons and “works” teach about the liturgy, baptism, the Eucharist, the preaching of Jesus, and moral formation…all done by discovery at the direction of the child.

The Sunday morning offering for grades 6 through 8 help Middle School-aged students prepare for Confirmation and for life as young adult Christians. this class meets in the room above the kitchen. Our middle school students pursue their Christian formation through Bible study designed particularly for middle schoolers. Lively discussion, interactive games, and thoughtful questioning are all vital components of the class. There’s also a strong focus on intentional Christian living in our world today. From time to time we also look at the particulars of being an Episcopal Christian as we prepare students for Confirmation.

Children of course are an ever important consideration in Christian formation. However, we’re all children of God and so we take seriously offering challenging and exciting opportunities for adults to learn more of what it means to be a follower of Christ in the world today.

There are now three adult Sunday School classes on Sunday mornings. They are:

  1. The Downstairs Adult Sunday School Class More to come soon.
  2. The Bible Study Class in the Library is a bible based scripture exploration usually involving an in depth study of an entire book over many weeks. These lively discussions are led by one of our member Bible scholars imparting his vast knowledge of the history and culture of Biblical times. They offer keen insights and draw out thought provoking contributions from those present all in an effort to understand the call of Christ upon our lives.
  3. The Pretty Good Coffee and Conversation Classis held in the Parish Hall and studies various books with relevance to today’s challenges facing Christians as we navigate our respective journeys in Christ. The discussion centers around the subject of following Christ in our day and time. A good idea of how diverse the discussions in this group can be on any given Sunday can be gleaned from the past studies listed below:

Embracing Emergence Christianity with Phyllis Tickle
Introducing the Missional Church by Alan Roxburgh and Scott Boren
Love Wins by Rob Bell
Simple Ways to Pray for Healing Matthew & Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn
The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren
Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren
Embracing the Prophets in Contemporary Culture by Walter Brueggemann
The Advent Conspiracy by Rick McKinley, Chris Seay and Greg Holder
Unplug the Christmas Machine by Jo Robinson and Jean Coppock Staeheli
Economy of Love by Shane Claiborne
God’s Politics by Jim Wallis
The Network Program on Spiritual Gifts by Bruce Bugbee and Don Cousins
The Kingdom Experiment by Bruce Nuffer, Liz Perry, and Rachel McPherson
Christianity for the Rest of Us by Diana Butler Bass
Serve God Save the Planet by J. Matthew Sleeth
Red Letter Christians by Tony Campolo
The Nooma Films, over 20 short films on spiritual subjects by Rob Bell

Nursery Care

The nursery is a bright, welcoming, and entertaining environment for our little ones, with a watchful eye on safety. We have stories, toys, games, puzzles, crayons and snacks. We also have child-friendly bathroom facilities and a well-stocked diaper changing area. The nursery is normally staffed with two people. Children from infancy to age three are welcome in the nursery, although some of the 3 year olds may enjoy the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd held during the Sunday School hour 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. —

The Nursery is located at the west end of the lower level of the parish hall, accessed by either stairway or the lift. Parents are welcome to stay with their child in the nursery as needed. The nursery is a suite of two adjoining rooms plus a bathroom, allowing us to provide a quiet space for nursing or napping (rockers and cribs) as well as more energetic activities.

There is no charge for use of the nursery. The nursery is staffed on Sundays beginning with 9:00 service through the late service. The nursery is not staffed during the early service. Childcare can also be arranged for special events, as requested.

Opportunities during the Week

Monday Morning Bible Study
On Monday mornings at 10:30 in the Parish Hall, Fr. Bob Reese leads a study looking at the Sunday readings for the following Sunday. This is a wonderful way for folks to get to know each other and to think together about the next Sunday’s readings in advance. All are welcome.

The Early Birds’ Men’s Group
On Tuesday morning, in the library, a group of men meet to study a spiritual book or a book of the Bible together. Bill Spencer leads these discussions and all men are most welcome to join them.

The Centering Prayer Group
On Wednesday afternoons at 5:30 pm a group of people meet in Fr. Gary’s Office to practice centering prayer together for 20 minutes and then to learn about centering prayer together. This group is facilitated by Becky Hannah. All who are interested in joining us to learn about this contemplative approach to the spiritual life are very welcome to join us.