We’re experimenting with a new project at Grace Church to celebrate the artists in our midst, find new homes for some of our treasures, raise money for a good cause (outreach), and enjoy a fun evening of fellowship – part of the Mardi Gras Dinner and Talent Show festivities on February 26th. How will it work? Parishioners and other friends of Grace Church have donated paintings and other forms of art. We’ll offer these items for sale (bidding) starting February 17th, and up through the Mardi Gras event, Sunday, February 26 – until the bidding closes, around 8 p.m., when we’ll announce the highest bidders… Advance bidding, in person… Starting on February 17th, we’ll create a display in the main lobby of the church, with images of each item, and with sign-up sheets, allowing everyone interested to enter a “silent bid.” That way, anyone who visits our church can participate, in person. By Saturday afternoon, February 25th, we’ll have all the items on display (not just photographs) allowing everyone to see them, and to make bids on their favorite items. To reach a wider audience, we’ll also post this slide show on the church’s website, and on the Facebook page, as a way to promote and advertise this auction to a wide audience. Anyone interested in bidding can either come by the church and make a bid, or contact Ellen Brown (828-785-4225; inglesferry@gmail.com) and ask her to make a bid on your behalf.