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The NRSV Bible

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments with the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books of the Old Testament

New Revised Standard Version The Bible

An extensive Bible resource site offering search and study avenues utilizing all the major translations —

Forward Day by Day

Daily meditation on the lectionary readings.

Search God’s Word

An extensive online resource to the Bible

The Easton Bible Dictionary On Line

Easy to use Bible dictionary with concise descriptions and explanations.

Bible Pronounciation Guide

Got a tongue twister, look it up and hear it spoken correctly.

Bible Gateway

Lots of resources on all aspects of the Bible.

The New Testament Gateway

A comprehensive, up to date, annotated directory of good academic New Testament internet resources. Clear, easy to navigate, and fast-loading.

The Apocrypha

Why its part of the Bible.

Christian Classics Etheral Library

Classic Christian books in electronic format, selected for your edification. There is enough good reading material here to last you a lifetime.

The Episcopal Church: Welcome!


The Diocese of Western North Carolina


Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD)

A compassionate response of the Episcopal Church to human suffering in the world.

The Highland Episcopalian

The newsletter for the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina

The Lectionary

A collection of Lectionary resources for the Episcopal Church — The Lectionary readings for Sunday’s, Daily Offices, Feast Days and a whole lot more —

The Revised Common Lectionary Comments

A mega-site everything lectionary.

The Lectionary Page

Another Lectionary resource site for the Episcopal Church

The Text This Week

An amazing site chock full of everything you could want to know about the week’s readings

Calendar of the Church Year according to the Episcopal Church

Complete year of Lesser Feasts and Fasts as well as Holy Days — Great explanations with lectionary readings and collects.

The Book of Common Prayer

On-line Books of Common Prayer — Provides lots of links to many editions and formats from PDF to Palm Pilot —

EFM Home Page

The website for University of the South’s Education for Ministry, a lay person’s four year program of seminary study.

The Episcopal News Service

The latest news from the Episcopal Church USA.

The Anglican Communion News Service

The latest news from the world wide Anglican Communion.

Directory of Episcopal Churches

Click on the province and see list for churches and their web site links if available.

The Archbishop of Canterbury

His own web site with lots of info and links.

The Red Book Directory

Links to directories of Episcopal churches, institutions and organizations.

National Episcopal Cursillo

Cursilo helps to renew and deepen Christian commitment.


Happening is a Christian experience presented by teenagers for teenagers with the help of clergy and lay adult leadership.


A witness of God’s inclusive love to the Episcopal Church and the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community.

Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars

Leave a question about the Bible to be answered by an AABS member via e-mail.

The Episcopal Café

A thorough Episcopal blog covering the gamut of topics.

The Presbyterian Church USA

All things Presbyterian.

United Methodist Church

All things United Methodist.

Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church

Connects readers to the Lutheran Bible Translators, a group devoted to Bible translation and literacy work around the world.

Taize Community

All you could want to know or learn about Taize.

Global Jewish Information Network

Maintained by the Global Jewish Information Network, this site gives you access to about two dozen links involving Torah and Talmudic research.

New Advent

A clearinghouse of information about the Catholic Church, including links to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the Vatican News Service, the complete Summa Theologica, and much more.

The Hymnal 1982 with Music and Lyrics.

Got a hymn bouncing around in your head and HAVE TO hear it? This is the place.

Treasures from the Hymnal

Lots of Midi Files to listen to.

The Hymnary

No description will do this site justice,  You must visit to appreciate. Tunes, texts, hymnals (5,000+), people and way more.

Taizé Community

Music and prayers from Taizé.


The Episcopal Bookstore

That’s right where else do you put a book store than under FUN!

Accent on Books

And our own unofficial diocesan bookstore right across the street.

ReverendFun Cartoons

Daily cartoons with a message.

Dead Sea Scrolls

The Library of Congress’s exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Jewish Roman World of Jesus

Dr. James D. Tabor, professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, provides information on a variety of topics including Hellenistic/Roman religion and philosophy, archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Christian Origins and the New Testament and ancient Israel.

If you have a favorite related link feel free to submit it for inclusion by emailing it to: Grace Episcopal Church